The remarkable healing power of papaya and papaya leaf

As a snack you can peel it, cut it into large pieces, pour lime juice over it and enjoy its wonderful taste. It tastes delicious. In addition, it is an ideal smoothie fruit. Just like with banana or avocado, you can create delicious creamy smoothies. Papaya has all kinds of medicinal applications. Perhaps, this fruit is the healthiest of all fruits. A wonderful aspect of the tree is that the leaves can be used as vegetables. The papaya tree is a fruit and vegetable supplier. Even the seeds and flowers are used for medical reasons,

Carica papaya

The carica papaya is called pawpaw in English. In Papua New Guinea and many African countries it has been turned into popo. In most countries it is called papaya, which is the Latin name as well. There are many types of papaya. They have an oval shape and orange-colored flesh. Some varieties grow more roundish than oval fruits. Papayas can become very large. Often they become yellow to orange on the outside. The fruits can weigh upto four kilos.

General information

The papaya is originally from South and Central America. The Indians cultivated the plant before the Europeans came. Nowadays, the papaya is grown throughout the tropical part of the world. In South East Asia the flowers and leaves of papaya are sold on the market as vegetables.

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Scientific sources:

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119 dengue.pdf (64.74KB)