Hortus botanical garden

The Hortus is already 375 years at its present location. The garden used to be much bigger for here were all the medicinal herbs grown that were sold in de drug stores in Amsterdam. Now there are still many medicinal plants, especially in the outdoor garden. There are five beautiful indoor gardens where you can find many tropical fruits and vegetables. These tropical fruits also have many surprising medicinal properties. Al; these properties are backed-up by modern science.

Edible plants in butterfly house

The entrance ticket which is included in this tour gives you the right to stay in the botanical garden for the rest of the day. There is also a beautiful tropical butterfly greenhouse in the Hortus Amsterdam. This greenhouse we will visit during the tour because many edible and medicinal plants are found here.

25 euro, entrance ticket of 8,50 euro included

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Availability: The whole year

Public transport: You can reach the Hortus with tram 14 or 9, leave at stop Mr. Visserplein, follow tramlines and walk to street Plantage Middenlaan. There you find the Hortus on the right side.

We meet in front of the entrance of the Hortus.

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