Nature walks Amsterdam

Yes! Amsterdam is nature. It is a green city! Of course some people erected some interesting buildings, but still nature rules. Did you know you can find medicinal plants and wild vegetables in the heart of the capital of the Netherlands? We offer four different kinds of nature walks. The Hortus walk is ideal for in winter times. You can make this walk throughout the year. The other walks are available from April 1 till December 1.

Learn about medicinal plants

The walks are being organized by Thomas Dijkman. He is a author and researcher. He wrote a book in Dutch about medicinal vegetables. Since recently, after questions of many English speaking people, he started to translate his articles in English and put them on Natural News.

Click for more information about these edible and medicinal plant walks:

The Hortus Walk

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Central Station


We organize an Amsterdam etymology walk, especially for language lovers.

General information

  • Book a walk at
  • You can book a walk for 2, 3 or 4 persons. The minimum charge is 70 euro.
  • You can book groups up to 20-25 people. Around 15 people is ideal.
  • A group will never be bigger then 15 people when I organize the walks myself. When you do a booking with a group you can book up to 20-25 persons.