This was the first version of the medicinal food magazine which is now

Veggie society

A new magazine has seen the light. It is a magazine about medicinal food. Here you can read the latest science on medicinal food, recipes and background information. In the near future you can buy membership. There will be magazines available in PDF-format. For now, he magazine is only available on print.

The launching of Veggie Society will take place in September 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All kind of activities will be held around the launching such as wild food walks and lectures.

Articles in English

Since 2016 Thomas is writing articles in English as well as in Dutch. The first articles in English are published on a blog of Natural News, the website of the Health Ranger which provides the world with many interesting articles.

Medicinal food coach

Thomas gives consults about the use of medicinal food. Medicinal food is the safe way to cure medical problems and to counteract side-effects from synthetic medicines. The first consult is an intake and takes 90 minutes. It costs 35 euro. Then there is an option for following medicinal food programs. All the information is in Dutch on this site under ´Coach medicinale voeding´. When you email me at I will provide you the English version by email or telephone.

I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Intake consults will be 35 euro plus travel expenses by public transport. A single follow-up consult is 60 euro. When you order three consults you will pay 50 for each consult. After three consults it is possible to follow an email consult. 

Edible plant walks

There is one part of the website which has many information in English. That is the part about the edible and medicinal plant walks in Amsterdam. You see this walks under ´Edible plant walks Amsterdam´. Do you want to find rocket salad or taste forgotten vegetables? You will be surprised to find what plants are edible.


Thomas Dijkman has experience in giving and organizing lectures. This lectures can be held in English as well. His main topic is the healing powers of food. Thomas wrote a book about the medicinal uses of vegetables. This book is only available in Dutch. Thomas can also give a lecture about Food and Spirituality.


I organize I workshop about Food at work. Here I teach employees how to choose healthy food in a work environment. 


When you want to get in contact to book a nature walk, to book a workshop or to book a lecture you can contact me via this mail address