Etymology walk Amsterdam

Did you know that every day English words like dollar, thief, to bluff and cookie are lend from the language which they speak in the Netherlands, Dutch. The Dutchmen were ruling the world for 100 years in history. Amsterdam was the capital of the world. Therefor Amsterdamis the perfect city to do an etymology tour. We will visit places in Amsterdam like the harbour, the red light district and a famous night club street to explain the words from Dutch origin. You will be surprised with the wide use of words from Dutch origin. Coffeeshops, police stations and lantern poles will be perfect objects to explain worldwide uses of English words from Dutch origin. 

Entertaining education

Next to that we will mention the fact that Dutch culture gave many languages in the world their marine terminology. After this tour you will know more about Dutch history and English language as well. It is fun to learn the backgrounds of these words. 

15 euro

Duration: 90 minutes

Availibility: throughout the year