Central Station and North

It might sound unbelievable to you but did you know one of the finest vegetables, a real expensive one in supermarkets, is growing around the main train station of Amsterdam? After we found this culinary city dweller we go by boat to the other side of ´t IJ. At the other side we find more typical European herbs along the waterside.

Where do we go?

We will visit a garden where in summertimes many concerts take place. The garden is not being made to watch nice plants. Therefor it is amazing that still in here we can find trees with edible fruits, wild herbs and wild vegetables.

The lost garden

After the garden we go back to the center of Amsterdam. We walk along the canals to find some nice plants. We will encounter a complete wild ´lost´ garden on the waterside. After this we visit to the most expensive shopping street of Holland. In the backyard we enter a city garden. In this garden there is one place where the cosmic order puts the plants how she wants to put them. The plants are always in the right place. I will explain that. Now we are at the end of the tour. Here we will drink a cup of tea made of wild herbs. 

25 euro

Duration: 2 hours

Included: boat ferry (5 minutes back and forth)

Incuded: Cup of tea in a private garden in centre of Amsterdam

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