Vondelpark edible plant walk

We will look for edible and medicinal plants in the Vondelpark in the heart of Amsterdam! Maybe we will encounter some guerilla gardening.

Foraging at a tourist attraction

Vondelpark is famous for all kinds of reasons. It is a very old park and has an interesting history. The Vondelpark is a main tourist attraction but it is also a common playground for every inhabitant of Amsterdam. In the Vondelpark many people work as gardeners. They are being hired by the city government and they do their extreme best to cut out all the beneficial plants. There has not been one year where they succeeded completely for natures’ urge to serve us with medicinal and edible plants cannot be halted. 

The right place

Did you know that according to many spiritual people in the Netherlands, all plants in the cosmos grow on their exact right place? There is a reason why plants grow in a certain spot and this reason always have to do something with the people living around that spot. You will hear more about the magic world you live in, during the Vondelpark tour!

15 euro

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Available from April 1 till December 1

Meeting point: 10 metres behind the Main Entrance from the street Stadhouderskade, in front of the Park house.

Book at camerathomas@gmail.com