In this park we will find many cultivated and wild herbs and vegetables. 

About the Beatrixpark

This park is named after princess Beatrix, the former queen of The Netherlands.

The Beatrixpark used to be a part of a enormous flower exposition held in 1975 called ´Floriade´. It was decided to keep the park for public use. In the garden we can find a classical herbal garden. These gardens were found throughout the ages in monastery gardens, castle gardens and around houses of wealthy people. The purpose of these gardens was to supply people with necessary herbal medicines. 

Nowadays Beatrixpark is one of the most quite parks in Amsterdam. It is located within the city ring. The park itself contains different landscapes like woodland, grassland, a classical park and a herbal garden. Furthermore there are ponds, islands and a there is a big grass field for recreation.

What will we find?

A group of volunteers is maintaining the Doctor´s Garden now. There we will find classic medicinal plants. Some of these historic medicinal plants we classify nowadays as vegetables. Apart from the herbs in the garden, the Beatrixpark is a great place to find wild vegetables. Beatrixpark is a good place to examine medicinal and edible plants. 


Beatrixpark is located at the South side of Amsterdam. In Dutch the area is called Amsterdam Zuid (=South). This park is very close to train station RAI and station Amsterdam Zuid. We will not meet near one of these stations though. We meet at the entrance Diepenbrockstraat opposite the T-junction with Herman Heijermansweg. From there we walk 150 meter to the entrance of the doctor´s garden. This name is a translation of the Dutch name for this herbal garden: de Artsenijhof.

15 euro

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Available from April 1 till December 1

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